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Spadafore, Schor Propose Local Dollars for Local Workers and Businesses

(LANSING) - Mayor Andy Schor and City Councilman Peter Spadafore announced today a proposed ordinance to increase opportunities for local businesses and local workers to do business with the City of Lansing.

Current City ordinance provides a procedure where a Lansing-based bidder, within 5 percent of the lowest bidder (if not a Lansing-based business), may have an opportunity to revise their bid to match the lowest bid for some contract awards. Mayor Schor has sent a resolution to Council revising that percentage to a local bidder within 10 percent of the lowest outside bidder. Additionally current ordinance allows for this local bidder policy for contracts between $15,000 and $500,000. The Mayor has also sent a proposed ordinance change to increase the usage of this ordinance for contracts between $15,000 and $1 million.

“I want to be sure that the City of Lansing is doing its best to spend taxpayer dollars with Lansing businesses and their workers. Allowing Lansing businesses to have a greater chance to bid on and win work with the City of Lansing is good for our City and our local economy. These job providers often employ our residents and should be given a better chance to compete for these dollars,” stated Mayor Andy Schor.

“Our spending reflects our priorities and I believe we should be investing our resources in local, reputable contractors and service providers. I look forward to moving this proposal through the Committee on City Operations and investing in Lansing,” said City Councilman Peter Spadafore, Chairman of the City Operations Committee.

Schor will send the ordinance to Council for consideration, and Spadafore has agreed to request this ordinance from council leadership for his City Operations Committee and to take it up as soon as possible.

The ordinance resolution will be introduced to the full Lansing City Council on Monday, February 27 and is expected to be referred to committee at that time.




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