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Spadafore Moves to Create Lansing Expungement Clinic

Tonight, the Lansing City Council Committee of the Whole unanimously approved and the City Council subsequently affirmed an amendment to the FY 2021-2022 budget proposed by Councilmember At-Large, Peter Spadafore to include funding for the City's first expungement clinic. With the goal of improving social equity, combating income inequality, and improving job and business license access, the amendment funds a quarterly expungement clinic through the Office of the City Attorney for the purposes of assisting Lansing residents if they qualify for expungement and assist in completing necessary application paperwork.

"Many times, mistakes of the past prevent residents from fully participating in society and recognizing their full economic potential," said City Council President Peter Spadafore. "The expungement clinics will assist residents in understanding if they qualify and help them navigate the process toward a clean record," Spadafore explained.

The Office of City Attorney will compile a report to the City Council to detail the number of residents served as well as the types of other services provided or referred through the clinics.

The amendment was approved as part of the larger unanimous approval of the $151 million general fund budget for the City of Lansing. Visit to learn more.


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